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Northeastern University Adjunct Faculty Union | Action Article: Surprise Party

Removing Unnecessary Clutter From Headlines

Students organize flash mob to protest cuts - WGME - Portland ME Top Stories - News, Sports, Weather, Traffic

This flash mob is one of the many ways students are protesting the huge budget cuts for the University of Southern Maine.

P.S. I love this quote from the news article:
“We’re trying to show them that we have more than one way to speak our voices and that’s what we’ve been taught here, stand up for what you believe in and find interesting and creative ways to get that message across,” said Danielle Lane, a Senior at USM.

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A collage of just a few of the horrible ignorant things people say about Narcolepsy. People ask why I’m so reluctant and embarrassed about having it and this is why. There is SO much misinformation about narcolepsy that it’s not even funny. Combine that with rape culture of today and you have a recipe for disaster…I could go on and on for ages with these collages of comments. Kind of depressing to read…

"It’s not against her will if she’s asleep"
“Saves you from having to get your own chloroform”
“It’s not rape if she’s narcoleptic”
“It would be much easier..and more convenient that way (if a girl had narcolepsy).”
“Narcolepsy is not a disease. It’s an excuse.”
“You haven’t laughed until you’ve imagined narcoleptics doing everyday things like bowling and riding a horse.”
“A girl with narcolepsy? You could rape her and she wouldn’t even know.”

This is rape culture mixed with IGNORANCE about a truly debilitating disease… The world we live in is so fucked up. This is the kind of thing that makes me wish I was six feet underground.

Who has catalplexy? Raise your hand!


*Starts to raise hand. Only hand falls. Then collapse on floor.*